Saturday, July 20, 2013

Super Hero Birthday Bash -Titus Turns 5!

This was such a fun and easy party!! I wasn't really planning to do much for his birthday because of being so worn out and still recovering from my C-section 4 weeks prior. But Titus is REALLY big on parties! He had been looking forward to his birthday for months, so I decided to do a few things to make it a little extra special - especially since this was his last birthday before starting school.  

We decided on a Super Hero theme and got to work! To be completely honest, I wanted to spend NO money on this party because I hadn't been working for about 8 weeks.  I succeeded in only spending $10 total, including his present! That is not including the food because that was paid for out of the grocery budget... :)

Like our Valentine Party, we kept the guests to family only.  My mom and sis and her little boy were in town to make it extra special.  I think family parties are my favorite!!

So now for a few fun details and action shots.

Titus had fun helping me make the backdrop! The girls even helped by putting some of the windows on. Titus loved it so much that we ended up hanging it in his room for a few weeks! :)

Party Food - We had hot dogs (Wonder Dogs), popcorn (POP), chips and salsa (Krunch and Dunk), and fruit (Ka-Bams).

Cake - always Titus's favorite part!

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These super delicious cookies were made by my very talented sister!

Let's get this party started!!

Happy to finally be FIVE!!

Our favorite Super Heroes!!

Titus and his cousin Kaiden
I made a paper bag pinata for the kids to have fun with.  Titus wouldn't look when he was swinging - ha!! I actually just recycled all the Valentine and Easter candy still in our cupboards  - they didn't care!!
You can see in the bottom photo that my dad was able to attend via Skype - very thankful for technology!!
This was the biggest hit of the party!!! Silly String aka Spider Web Spray

For Titus's gift, we gave him all the Hot Wheels that Tim had been saving for him since Tim was a kid - it was A LOT!!! They had fun looking at and opening them all. :)

♪♫ Happy Birthday to Titus! ♪♫

Make a wish!!!


  1. Such a fun day and the decorations were sooo cute! I'm so glad that you don't have to spend a lot of $ to make birthdays extra special for kids!!

  2. Looks like a blast!! I'm sure he loved every second!

  3. So creative. What a great party. I didn't realize that the cars were still unopened. What restraint Tim had! LOL


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