Tuesday, February 18, 2014

2013... In Retrospect


The year of change for us...the busiest, the most stressful, the happiest, the year of growth.
And ironically, the year with the fewest blog posts!

Admittedly, we knew going into the year {2013}, that it would be one filled with many ups and downs. 

We welcomed a new baby in March - Thad has been a delight to our family! He is definitely the most loved child - and not because we favor him over the others, but he has a brother and two sisters who just absolutely adore him! His ever-ready smile just lights up the room!

In my small little handmade business world, things definitely got put on hold.  I think my Etsy shop was open maybe 3 months total. And honestly, other than the extra income, I didn't really miss it.  I had a little more time and energy to focus on other areas that needed attention.

Tim's schedule and responsibilities pretty much quadrupled {and probably more} since June 2013.  And I've pretty much realized that in order to keep things balanced in our home and family, I have to remove outside responsibilities from my "plate" so that he can add more to his. It's a good thing I'm pretty much a homebody or I might go crazy!! I'm half kidding... :) I'm enjoying this season of diapers, play-doh, and morning cuddles. I know that if I take the time and energy to train my young kiddos now, then in a few years we will be able to serve in the ministry in many additional areas.  

Titus started Kindergarten this past fall, and that brought a whole new angle to our schedule.  What am I going to do when he has "real" homework?? We are busy enough in the evenings with his piano practice (he started official lessons, as well) and reading and writing homework. It has been good for my morning routine, though, as I'm up early every morning now. I look forward to Saturdays like never before! 

That's our year in a nutshell...and I'm a little sad about all the blog posts I missed. Soooo, every Friday I plan to do a Flashback post.  I really use this blog to document the events in our life, so I want to make sure I don't skip a whole year! 

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  1. I love seeing your blog posts again :) 2013 was a pretty awesome year for us both, huh?


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