Monday, February 17, 2014

Mothering Twins - How {NOT} To Potty Train

Potty training my twin girlies has been the most difficult part {so far} of having twins.

They've been potty trained for over a year now, and I still cringe at the memories!! During one particular two week period, I awoke EVERY DAY to find they had smeared their poopy diapers ALL OVER their Jenny Lind style cribs - including the mattresses, surrounding walls, and their person. Being pregnant with my fourth child only added to the extremely emotional frustration!

I think I am just now able to post about it without writing hundreds of paragraphs telling all the horrible stories... 

Sooo, I am NOT the one to tell you how to potty train twins!! I tried training them simultaneously and then separately. One would seem more ready than the other and would have accident free days,
and then they would switch roles!! AAGH! 

Pull-ups were not working - and with zero energy from pregnancy,  I couldn't keep up with the mess of training two girls with cloth training pants. I realized the Pull-ups were definitely a no-go, though,  when they actually asked me to put one on them so they could go potty in them - WHAT?!

Her preferred way to wear underwear!

So, the only advice I can offer is that it WILL happen! It may take multiple sticker charts, bags of skittles, potty dolls, potty books, many pep talks, and lots of tears, but it WILL happen. What ended up being the final incentive for us was new licensed character underwear.  My mom was in town to help with the new baby and she bought them for the girls as a reward for pooping in the potty. They were officially potty trained a month or so before their 3rd birthday. :)

 Really, it probably shouldn't have been much harder than training a singleton, but my being pregnant and thereby rather inconsistent made it extremely difficult. Hopefully training #4 will be a breeze in comparison!

One piece of advice I CAN give is to carry a potty chair with you at all times! A friend with 5 children of her own shared this "secret" with me, and it has saved my sanity more times than I can count! Venturing out is stressful enough with 4 kiddos ages 5 and under, and adding bathroom trips can be an impossible feat.  So we keep a potty seat in the back of our van for emergencies. This was a lifesaver on our 20 hour road trip - it was so much easier to pull over and let them use the potty in our for-the-most-part clean van instead of having to brave the gas station facilities! YUCK! I used cheapo dollar store diapers to line the inside so that when they were finished I could easily throw away the mess.  

So, hang in there!! And don't stress! It WILL eventually click and probably not overnight!

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  1. LOL, sorry but I couldn't help but laugh! I know it was very stressful but you accomplished it and now with only one more to potty train you're on the home stretch! And that picture of Kaelyn is just hilarious- love it!


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