Friday, March 14, 2014

Flashback Friday - Thad's Birth {March 2013}

How has it been almost a year?? 

I'm starting my Flashback posts with Thad's birth pictures since next week I'll be posting about his first birthday! WOW... time flies.

His birth story is short and sweet...I didn't end up going into labor on my own by March 19, so he was born via C-section.  Since I'd had a C-section with the twins, the doctors would do nothing to induce labor for a vbac. So, while I was planning to go for it, Thad had other plans. :)

I thought I knew what to expect with the C-section, but this one was a little different.  The first time around I nearly panicked when I couldn't feel myself breathing. So, while I was mentally prepared for that, I got a little worried when my whole face went numb! I couldn't even smile for my first picture with Thad. :) 

But other than that, it was a standard C-section. Though, this time, the doctor did hold Thad up for me to see him as soon as he was born. With the twins' delivery, they were whisked away so quickly and I was just along for the ride...literally, as I felt like every tug and pull would drag me right to the floor. My first thoughts of Thad were how chubby his face was and that he had a LOT of hair. 

Also, comparatively, with the twins, we had a 4D ultrasound from the morning of their birth day - very cool! But with Thad, I had only had one ultrasound and had no clue what his features looked like or how much hair he had.  But as soon as we saw him over the curtain, it was love at first sight! :)

He was a crier in the beginning!! 
{Acid Reflux is NO fun!}
Our hospital no longer has a nursery and requires "rooming in." So, no rest for the weary...

Ironically, my boys were the ones blessed with full heads of hair!

His poor little cheeks! The air in our room was so dry!

Did I already mention "no rest for the weary"?



Yup, he was definitely a crier in the beginning...

So I would never forget the sweetness of cuddling those first few days...

Well, there ya have it...I finally posted! 
And I only have a few more thousand pictures to sort through... in time...

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