Monday, February 16, 2015

Goldfish Treat Bags: Fishers of Men Scripture Printable

Is February really half over? The month is surely flying by...I barely got this printable designed in time for Valentine's Day! 

I decided to do goldfish again this year for my kiddos to take for their class valentines. I was running low on time and knew my girls could just use the bag topper I designed a couple years ago. But for Titus's class, I really wanted to deviate from the traditional "hearts and love" valentines and do a scripture themed treat instead.  I chose a nautical theme and used Matthew 4:19 as my inspiration.
There really isn't anything "valentine" about this Fishers of Men printable except for the heart on the anchor, so I'm thinking this would work great for treats year-round.

To make these, download and print off the desired number of tags.  I used Costco's one hour service.  For these tags, be sure sure to choose the option "DO NOT AUTO CORRECT MY PHOTOS" and print them as "lustre" 4x6 prints.  

Then, cut each print in half to make two bag toppers; fold each half in half. I use 4x6 cellophane bags, purchased at Michaels, so the size is perfect to position the topper and simply staple in place. It doesn't get much easier than that. :)

Download: Fishers of Men Scripture Printable

Printables and all designs are for PERSONAL USE only. Please feel free to download and share, but do not distribute for profit or self-promotion. If you would like to share online, please include a link back to my site. Thanks! ENJOY!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Jack of All Trades...

...master of NONE. Yep! Pretty sure that sums up my qualifications. Certainly NOT bragging here, but I can pretty much do anything I set my mind to. I love learning new things and finding out how or why something works.

I can play the piano fairly well, and I even teach private lessons in my home and music at our school. BUT you will never hear me playing in a concert hall...and I really don't play by ear very well.

I can sew and even got first place in my home economics class in high school, but I limit my "skills" to family jobs only. Do NOT ask me to alter a suit!

Recently I've enjoyed dabbling in photography. I actually did my own newborn photo shoot for my son's baby pictures. I've even taken a few pictures for friends. However, I will not be opening my own business or starting a photography facebook page any day in this lifetime.

I love planning parties, and really like to do it up special for my kiddos' birthdays. A few years ago, I scored a great deal on cake decorating supplies and now have everything I could need to decorate cakes.  I've made all my children's cakes and am actually not very embarrassed about how they turned out. They were simple but nice. And while I actually did write up a business plan to become a party planner, I decided no one wanted to pay me to come and be stressed out at their party! :)

I can sing....but I don't do solos.

I can use Photoshop to make our Christmas cards, party invitations, and my digital scrapbook pages...but I'm not a graphic designer.

I love English Grammar. I majored in English (& music) in college and taught junior high English for 3 years...but I retired in 2007 and will probably never grade another research paper or book report.

Admittedly, sometimes I regret not picking a field or hobby and becoming the best. I'm a {recovering} perfectionist by nature, so some days it bothers me more than others. I can do anything just well enough so that I don't have to pay anyone to do it for me. (Except fix computer hard drives - mine is still in the shop!) But, seriously, no one is going to commission me for any jobs or advice in those previously mentioned fields.

One day I was particularly frustrated and realized that I'm pretty much a mom and a housewife.

And almost as quickly as that thought hit me, another came...

Jack of All Trades...    Master at MOM.

Moms do everything, don't we?  I dreamed my whole life of becoming a wife and mother. My husband and children are the greatest blessings in my life. I do everything I do for them...not for recognition, applause, awards, or my name on some executive office door. My job as mom requires that I pretty much be a "jack of all trades."

It wasn't until I noticed others' accomplishments and fame that I started to question if I was doing enough. Is it enough to cook meals, wash laundry, administer meds, change diapers, clip coupons, read storybooks, teach a handful of piano students, or decorate a simple cake?

Well, considering the value I place on the lives of my husband and children, I'm thinking it is. God made me for this "job" and I will master it.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2014 Re-Cap and Best Wishes for a Happy 2015!

After a whopping four posts in 2014, I'm back with plans yet again to keep up with this blog.  It will be much of the same, but I am going to attempt to blog more of my (never-ending) thoughts and random as they may be!

2014 was jam-packed with everything under the sun! Titus graduated from K-5 in the spring and started 1st grade this past fall.

I went back to work outside our home part-time this fall teaching elementary music and Junior High choir. And while it has kept me busier than I thought it would, I've enjoyed (almost) every minute of it. The girls and Thad enjoy getting to go to their daycare classes two days a week...and I love that they are just down the hall from me!

Tim's parents retired from pastoring after over 33 years serving at their church, so we traveled to the celebration in October. We were also privileged to have them stay with us for about 6 weeks during the fall. We got a small taste of what it is like having family close by, and we were grateful for all their help during our busiest time of the year! It was hard to let them leave!!

We filled our year with school, work, piano lessons and recitals, fun day trips, a few overnight getaways, two straight weeks of traveling, birthday parties, a quick trip to GA for my grandpa's funeral, vacationing in Va with cousins, MusiCollege, enjoying plays and symphonies, organizing and producing two separate Christmas programs, and finished it off with a quiet family Christmas at home. 

My computer has been out of commission for several months (a good excuse for not posting?), and I haven't figured out how to customize my posts on my iPad. Better than nothing, right? :) 

Here's to regular blog posts in 2015! 

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