Sunday, January 18, 2015

Jack of All Trades...

...master of NONE. Yep! Pretty sure that sums up my qualifications. Certainly NOT bragging here, but I can pretty much do anything I set my mind to. I love learning new things and finding out how or why something works.

I can play the piano fairly well, and I even teach private lessons in my home and music at our school. BUT you will never hear me playing in a concert hall...and I really don't play by ear very well.

I can sew and even got first place in my home economics class in high school, but I limit my "skills" to family jobs only. Do NOT ask me to alter a suit!

Recently I've enjoyed dabbling in photography. I actually did my own newborn photo shoot for my son's baby pictures. I've even taken a few pictures for friends. However, I will not be opening my own business or starting a photography facebook page any day in this lifetime.

I love planning parties, and really like to do it up special for my kiddos' birthdays. A few years ago, I scored a great deal on cake decorating supplies and now have everything I could need to decorate cakes.  I've made all my children's cakes and am actually not very embarrassed about how they turned out. They were simple but nice. And while I actually did write up a business plan to become a party planner, I decided no one wanted to pay me to come and be stressed out at their party! :)

I can sing....but I don't do solos.

I can use Photoshop to make our Christmas cards, party invitations, and my digital scrapbook pages...but I'm not a graphic designer.

I love English Grammar. I majored in English (& music) in college and taught junior high English for 3 years...but I retired in 2007 and will probably never grade another research paper or book report.

Admittedly, sometimes I regret not picking a field or hobby and becoming the best. I'm a {recovering} perfectionist by nature, so some days it bothers me more than others. I can do anything just well enough so that I don't have to pay anyone to do it for me. (Except fix computer hard drives - mine is still in the shop!) But, seriously, no one is going to commission me for any jobs or advice in those previously mentioned fields.

One day I was particularly frustrated and realized that I'm pretty much a mom and a housewife.

And almost as quickly as that thought hit me, another came...

Jack of All Trades...    Master at MOM.

Moms do everything, don't we?  I dreamed my whole life of becoming a wife and mother. My husband and children are the greatest blessings in my life. I do everything I do for them...not for recognition, applause, awards, or my name on some executive office door. My job as mom requires that I pretty much be a "jack of all trades."

It wasn't until I noticed others' accomplishments and fame that I started to question if I was doing enough. Is it enough to cook meals, wash laundry, administer meds, change diapers, clip coupons, read storybooks, teach a handful of piano students, or decorate a simple cake?

Well, considering the value I place on the lives of my husband and children, I'm thinking it is. God made me for this "job" and I will master it.

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